Merchant Congressman in the Young Republic:
Samuel Smith of Maryland 1752-1839

Merchant, Congressman, decorated Revolutionary War Hero, architect of the defense of Baltimore during the War of 1812, and a power broker during the development of political parties, Samuel Smith lived an amazing life as chronicled by historian Frank A. Cassell. As a recent reviewer on Amazon noted, “The standard biography of Smith still after all these years. He was a complex man who made major contributions to his country.”

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“The research is complete, the apparatus impeccable, and the story well told.” — Aubrey C. Land, Journal of American History

“This is a good, clear biography based on fresh manuscript material. It is particularly useful in reviewing familiar events through a new perspective.”
— John A. Monroe, Journal of Southern History.

Cassell’s sympathetic treatment of this colorful and ambitious man is an example of good biography. The author successfully treads the thin line between a “life and times” perspective where the subject becomes almost non-existent and a narrowly constructed narrative where the subject lives in a historical vacuum. A mastery of voluminous source material, lucid language, and adequate documentation help to make the reading of this foray into historical microcosm both pleasurable and worthwhile.” — Joseph C. Morton, Pennsylvania History.

“. . . a sympathetic and persuasive portrait of a significant Republican that contributes to a better understanding of the party as a whole.” — James Haw, William & Mary Quarterly.